If i ever will publish a 2nd Tarot deck, ........, i don't believe that this will happen. "Listen to your Master's Voice" is a single artwork, a spin-off of another project which i'm working on. Nevertheless art is more art when there's a meaning. In any way it's 2D visual with soul. For those of you who are not confirm with Tarot symbolics: The "Hierophant" is the 6th card of the Major Arcane of Tarot. Because it starts with number 0 the "Hierophant" has the value and number 5! You can also use the magic meaning of numbers or the cabalistic "Tree of Life" to get more insights about the possible meanings. Your "Master" maybe a priest who conveys the laws of your God(s), maybe the boss in your business, a trustful mentor, a blind cult leader, or just a projection in your mind. So or so, if you believe him or not, you're bound in his ideology and it's difficult to escape if necessary. You never know if his prayers are the real truth, you are conditioned to his spiritual system by birth, growing up, family, social environment and more.
tags: #projection #listen #follow #doctrine #religion #spiritual law #salvation #temple #master #seduction #priest #heresy #wisdom #awe #holy #convention #trust #convey #determine #blind and more ...
About the artwork progress: This artworks base is a Mandelbulb fractal mutation, combined with an in Zbrush sculped character, overpainting in Krita and finished in Photoshop. If you like this artwork and input i would enjoy if you like and follow my Facebook art page: The Art of Stefan Beckhusen@artofstefanbeckhusen

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