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And at last they are burning

Sample of a new short series about witches and witch hunters. At last they are burning! 

Actually this series includes 24 amazing AI artworks which may be interesting for storytellers. The overall idea for the story is about women having nightmares and becoming more and more crazy and praying to the devil. Then 3 three men find their vocation as witch hunters and to stop this excess. Things became more and more terrible. Citizens of a medieval gothic city became upset and try to enter the palace where the witches are dancing and celebrating the excess, praying to the devil and get transformed to terrible humanoid creatures. But at last they are burning. This series of artworks is available to anyone who is interested to create a story like this, or who needs artworks for a similiar story. Or maybe you're interested to get these as digital artworks for creating your own Nft collection. 
Don't hesitate to contact me.

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