ARTEFACT, Stranger Things - They Come

"ARTEFACT, Stranger Things - They Come"
Puuuh, needed some days alone for the storyboard to prepare! It will become something like a video-comic for a synthesizer music production. Hope this storyboard helps to follow a red line in my creativity, instead of loose my self in my usual creative chaos ;)
The visual basics are absolute strange and surreal fractal artworks and video clips, mixed with space art and digital paintings. Beside the artworks some fractal animations are ready and done within the last years (Y), some others and so on must still be done. For some fractal animations which i'll use here, my PC needed several days up to some weeks to render a short 15-30 sec clip :( Now, that what's missing may be done each in a few days.
Btw. for your info, ... i make no money with this, it's pure personal passion and mostly i work on different projects at the same time! If anyone of you has interest to get the whole project or single video scenes for any commercial use, don't hesita